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Why the Sant Jordi Residence Hall?

You will soon have to decide where to start your new university life. Tarragona offers various accommodation options and, whatever your final decision, we want you to know about the advantages of living at our Sant Jordi Residence Hall for students.

  • Because you’ll be living near everywhere, de la Universidad URV University, the city centre, the beach…
  • Because with us, your space and time are yours. At Resa, you take your own decisions: when to go to the gym or meet up with your friends, not having to waste time on cleaning the room, doing the shopping, preparing one’s meals…
  • Because we make your new student life an easier one. You will therefore not have to worry about repairs, hiring services, looking for flatmates, solving the damages caused by others, cleaning up… You can thus concentrate on what really matters to you.
  • Because you can study whenever and wherever you want to: in your room or in one of the study rooms, during the day or in the evening, on your own or with a group, with your books or connected to the Internet. You will thus be able to make the most of your study time.
  • Because choosing us will entail a unique experience for you. Because it’s not all study:  at Resa you’ll enjoy unique leisure moments, socialising with students from other places and cultures, which will enrich you personally and provide you with much experience.
  • Because what’s cheap often turns out to be expensive. Don’t allow yourself to be impressed by the rental price of a room in a shared flat. Had you thought about all the expenses to be added? Supplies, Internet, telephone connection, paying for those months in which you don’t use the flat, shopping, repairs, paying an extra portion of the rent if one of the tenants leaves…. Now do your accounts once again and you’ll see that our university residence hall in Tarragona is the best student accommodation option for you as well as far more economical than you thought. 
  •  Because our doors are always open. We remain at your service 24 hours a day.
  • Because we know that each student is unique. At Resa Tarragona, you will always find a team of professionals that can help you and give you advice: management, reception, maintenance and caretaker service.
  • Because you are investing in your future… What happens to you tomorrow depends on what you do today. Come to Resa: it’s a safe bet.  






Sant Jordi Residence Hall

Avda. Lluís Companys, 5
43005 Tarragona
Telephone: (+34) 977 240 195
Fax: (+34) 977 243 134







Facilities and Services

  • cta_webin_tv

    TV and DVD room
  • cta_webin_computer

    Cyber-corner with Internet acces and printer machine
  • cta_webin_gym

  • cta_webin_study

    Study rooms
  • cta_webin_games

    Games room
  • cta_webin_laundry

    Self-service launderette
  • cta_webin_dinning

    Canteen service
  • cta_webin_vending

    Vending services
  • cta_webin_adapted

    Adapted rooms
  • cta_webin_reception

    Management and reception
  • cta_webin_cleaning

    Cleaning service
  • cta_webin_maintenance

    Maintenance service
  • cta_webin_monitoring

    Caretaker services