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Curs 2021/22



Noies 44%

Nois 56%

Edat mitjana

Top països

  1. Espanya
  2. Índia
  3. Irán
  4. Xina
  5. Altres

Top provincies

  1. Residents internacionals
  2. Barcelona
  3. Tarragona
  4. Lleida
  5. Girona

Top facultats

  1. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
  2. Institut de Ciències Fotòniques (ICFO)
  3. Altres

Top carreres

  1. Grau en Enginyeria Aeroespacial
  2. Grau en Enginyeria Aeroespacial de Telecomunicació
  3. Grau en Enginyeria en Sistemes Biologics
  4. Altres

Els nostres residents opinen.

“RESA... 'D'.... best place 2 live...... I can say,its better than hotel. RESA offers well furnished rooms with basic kitchen setup along with excellent services like 24 *7 strong WiFi ,security,self service laundry and house cleaning service. It has single room, single with shared kitchen,and family quarters with rates approx 427€ , between 427€ - 600 € and 777 €. The rates are approx, for d exact rate u should contact them.... RESA also provides rooms on daily basis which has its rate variation according to d number of days u stay”.      

Monalisa Panda

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Ernesto Chinchilla

Director Residència

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