Information for parents.

At Resa we undertake to create a cozy and unique experience for each and every one of our residents.

We are aware of the importance of the first years of university in a student’s education and how important it is for parents to be sure their child is in a suitable environment during these significant years.


Therefore, we have designed the accommodation service in our residences based on three objectives:


It is essential to generate a good atmosphere that allows the residents to feel at home and concentrate on studying.


Our residences have especially designed spaces for studying, both in their own rooms and the common room where students can share their queries with other students from the same faculty.


Moreover, all of our residences include a night concierge and a 24-hour maintenance service, free Wi-Fi throughout the building and a laundry service, amongst others. Our goal is for residents to focus on getting the most out of their new college life.


Offer personalized attention, to both the residents and their parents, during their staying with us.


One of the key objectives of the dorm manager is to maintain personalized and flowing communication with each student, and their families if necessary.


Likewise, the management team and reception is always available to residents that have any concerns, and help in any way necessary.


We can ensure that your children are in good hands, and that their welfare is the main objective of our company policy.


Promote their integration into the residence and the city, making it easy to make friends. One of the keys to success in the early years at university is the student’s ability to network, make friends and integrate into their new environment.


At Resa we organize different activities (concerts, sports competitions, film sessions, cultural outings, fashion events, etc.) on a regular basis in order to strengthen the relationships between our residents.


We create a community that provides great support to students.