Our partners

At Resa we have been working closely with the country’s leading universities for over 30 years. Formal agreements have been signed between these universities and our residences so that they can oversee our quality standards and work with us to provide our residents with an enriching experience through Resa Hub, our recreational program, sports and cultural activities.


Contact the residence where you would like to stay and see if they have any special reservation conditions with your university, such as priority admission, special prices, etc.


Our residences are open to students of any university. If your school isn’t partnered with us, call us and we will take care of geting in touch with them to make an agreement.


We also have active collaboration agreements with other companies and organizations linked to world of education, social cooperations and associations, such as Barcelona Centre Universitari, Doctors without Borders, the UPC Foundation, AECS (Student Association of Health Sciences), the Athletic Federation of the Community of Madrid, and several major ´Study Abroads´ that operate in Spain.


Since April 2015, we are members of the Cum Laude Network, a European association of companies managing university accommodation whose fundamental objective is to shareknowledge and successful experiences in areas such as energy efficiency, the international mobility of our residents (with priority access to residences from our partners), recreational and cultural activities, supporting access to the job market, etc. At national level, we also belong to ARECMAC (association consisting of the most important student residences in Cataluña).


Furthermore, we are very proud of the ResaCampus Foundation, created in December 2014, which aims to support projects related to training, the talent of our residents and channeling their concerns for solidarity.

These objectives are translated into scholarships, developed jointly with the universities and as a support to entities such as Aldeas Infantiles, Banco de Alimentos and Ayuda en Acción.


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