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Be special, be Resa HUB

At Resa we undertake to create a welcoming experience that is unique for each and every resident during their university years. Because learning, having fun, getting to know people and making good friends, means GROWING.

This brings us to Resa Hub, our powerful program that includes integration, sports, recreational and cultural activities, that we organize together with residents and designed to be the driving force behind the day-to-day lives of students at Resa’s network of residence halls.

[Resa Hub received in 2017 The Class Outstanding Residence Life Initiative award along with The Class of 2020. The leading European platform for student accommodation and internationalisation of education.]

Prepared for the good stuff?

Living in #resamola

Check out the agenda, and we will update the more general events throughout the course. This is just an example of all of the activities carried out at our residence halls. Check out our social media, your inbox and the posters at your residence hall, to be in the know about what is “brewing” at your centre.


Resa, where the adventure begins

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July 2021