Welcome to Blas de Otero Residence Hall

We know that you will spend the best study years of your life at our Blas de Otero Residence Hall. How are we so sure? Because we have everything you are looking for in facilities and the best atmosphere for study and play.

The residence hall is excellently located in the centre of Bilbao, just a stroll from everything: the Esanche area, the old quarter, Plaza Zabalburu, where you can get the bus to the Leioa Campus, or important libraries such as Biblioteca Foral or the Azkuna Zentroa Cultural Meeting Point… You will thoroughly enjoy what Bilbao has to offer.

The Blas de Otero Residence Hall has single studios which are cared for down to the smallest detail, equipped with kitchen, bathroom, WiFi, etc., as well as several common areas designed to make you feel at home.
A space for living and studying at your own pace. Enjoy the freedom of a residence hall, open 24 hours a day, all year round.

Collaboration agreements

Blas de Otero Residence Hall is attached to the University of Basque Country and its doors are open to the entire university community.


Welcome to Bilbao

From the narrow streets of Bilbao's Old Quarter to Gran Vía and New Bilbao, there is a world steeped in history and legends to be discovered. It is a very lively city, packed with things to do and places to see.

Stroll along the Estuary, enjoy an adventure on-board a ship to Deusto Canal or take photographs of the marvellous view of Bilbao from the Artxanda lookout. Of course, don't forget to visit the famous Guggenheim Museum or eat pintxos with your friends in any bar in the centre.

Bilbao city is on the sea and has many well-rooted water sports such as surfing, sailing and even scuba diving. Whether or not you are a surfer, it is always interesting to feel the special atmosphere on some of the famous beaches in the area such as La Salvaje, La Central or Karraspio.

Furthermore, this Biscayan capital has a packed schedule of shows including music, theatre, dance and cinema festivals. All because... there is lots to discover in Bilbao!

Get the most out of the years you will spend in this magnificent city, filled with great opportunities for your academic and working future.

Blas de Otero Residence Hall

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