Blas de Otero Residence Hall Rooms

Blas de Otero Residence Hall offers a wide range of accommodation, especially designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible. All studios are fully-furnished, with kitchen and bathroom, WiFi, located in an excellent part of the city, with the best atmosphere for studying and making new friends. Sounds great, right? Keeping browsing through Blas de Otero and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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  • Single studio

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  • habitacion cocina individual resa
  • habitacion individual resa bilbao blas otero
  • habitacion individual cocina resa bilbao
  • habitacion resa bilbao individual

Single studio

Enjoy a space just for you with maximum independence, privacy, and peace and quiet. Exterior, fully-furnished studio with fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom. At Blas de Otero Residence Hall all studios are single.

Bathroom fully equipped
Free WiFi and/or cable internet!
Single bed
Spacious desk
Wardrobe with room

We are at your service

For sure you have imagined living with friends and sharing games, laughs and long study nights, etc. All of this and much more is possible at the Blas de Otero Residence Hall, with modern facilities designed for study and leisure time. All within reach and without leaving the residence hall.

It’s because living in a residence hall is much more than just living in a room, it is a place to cohabit and share experiences that enrich the best years of your life, your student years.

Available services at Blas de Otero Residence Hall

Unlimited access to common areas
Leisure, sports, cultural activities, etc.
Attention, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Changing of bed linen and towels
WiFi in common areas and rooms
Cyber Corner with internet access
Adapted rooms.
Self-service laundry with washers and dryers
Cleaning of rooms and common areas
Maintenance service
Vending service (vending machines with food and drink)

Common Areas

Cafeteria-Meeting-office area
Fitness room
Study rooms
Recreation rooms
Outdoor terrace

We have everything, the only thing missing is you!