Claudio Coello Canteen

Food and drinks without taking off your slippers but with a touch of glamour.


Claudio Coello Residence Hall is a fantastic multifunctional space that offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, in a young urban environment that provides varied, delicious and healthy food.
Behind the stoves you will find DO EAT, the trendiest healthy food chain in Madrid.

Their specialities include salads, soups, daily dishes, sandwiches, juices, home-made desserts and breakfast. The menu consists of light food options, mainly consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables, made daily in their kitchen.

The originality of our canteen goes beyond the concept of the food and atmosphere it offers. It also provides variety and flexibility, as you can choose the type of board you want and how you want to spend it. You can take part in the “Do Eat” experience by creating your own juice, burrito, wrap, salad, smoothie, cake or sandwich.

foto ensalada caprese

Are you hungry? Just DO EAT!

The canteen operates very simply. You can pay for occasional meals, sign-up to the board service or easier still, select the room +board pack.

The vouchers are valid for one month and consist of tokens that are also transferable between persons. That means if one day you wish to consume more or invite a friend for dinner or a snack, you can do so using your own voucher.


In addition, on weekends you can also use our canteen: on Saturdays you can have breakfast and/or brunch and on Sundays you can have dinner.

Opening Hours

From Monday to Friday: 7  to 22 (breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner)

Saturday: 12 to 15 (Brunch)

Sunday: 20 to 22 (dinner)

We are at your service

At Claudio Coello Residence Hall we are at your service. So, if you have any kind of food intolerance, please get in touch so that we can adjust to meet your needs.