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2021/22 academic year



Girls 64%

Boys 36%

Average Age

Top countries

  1. Spain
  2. Italy
  3. China
  4. France
  5. United Kingdom

Top provinces

  1. International students
  2. Toledo
  3. Las Palmas
  4. Alicante
  5. Madrid

Top universidades

  1. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  2. Universidad Pontificia de Comillas
  3. Others

Top degrees

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Psychology
  2. Bachelor’s degree in Physics
  3. Bachelor’s degree in Law
  4. Bachelor’s degree in Biology
  5. Double Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Administration and Law

Our residents’ opinions.

"I went to the Autonomous University of Madrid to do a BlackBerry course there. I stayed at the residence hall. Its infrastructure is very good and the rooms are great. I liked it too much. They have great service and good food. They serve breakfast and dinner. I really liked everyone who was staying there. I would recommend it to all students".    

Carlos Augusto Guerra

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Silvia Larena

Residence Manager

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