Welcome to Colegio de Cuenca Residence Hall

Come to study in Salamanca and choose Colegio de Cuenca university residence.

The hall is close to your university in an amazing area good communicating with the rest of the city and surrounded of facilities, Colegio de Cuenca residence is perfect for you.

We are located in the spanish university city par excellence, Salamanca, inside the Miguel de Unamuno Campus of USAL and in front of the Law faculty.

The hall offers different types of rooms fully furnished, provided with all kind of needs, with own kitchen and bathroom, fitness room, leisure room, WiFi, etc.

Colegio de Cuenca is an official residence of Universidad de Salamanca, the best option to strengthen the connection with the university and take the most advantage of all possibilities on an academic, social and leisure level.

A fantastic space for living, studying at your own pace, and enjoying the freedom of a residence which is open 24 hours a day, all year round.

Collaboration agreement

Colegio de Cuenca Residence Hall is attached to Universidad de Salamanca and opens its doors to welcome the entire university community.


Colegio de Cuenca Residence Hall

  • Paseo Francisco Tomás y Valiente, s/n,37007 Salamanca

  • 923 012 000

  • cuenca@resa.es

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Distancia de la residencia 500 m