Instructions for applying for a place at the Rector Ramón Carande Residence Hall. Academic year 21/22

1. Download, print and fill out the application for a place in University Residences of the University of Seville here.

2. Attach the documentation required by the University of Seville and follow the instructions indicated in the Call for Adjudication of University Residence Places. The University of Seville will not accept any application without the mentioned documentation.

3. Submit the application in the General Registry of the University of Seville (calle San Fernando 4, 41004 Seville) or in the Auxiliary General Registry (Paseo de las Delicias, sn, 41013 Seville) from the day after the publication until June 4 2021, both included.

4. Wait for the publication of the admitted and excluded list on June 25 and the correction period on June 28 and 29.

5. Wait for the publication of the provisional resolution of admissions on July 2. Claims on July 5 and 6.

6. Wait for the publication of the final lists of admissions of the University of Seville: July 9

Instructions to confirm the place with the residence

If you are admitted at the Rector Ramón Carande Residence Hall, to formalize your pre-registration you must:

– Fill in the online form on the RESA website ( between July 9 and 12, 2021.

After validating your request, from July 12 to 18, you will have to confirm the online contract and make the deposit payment.

– From the moment you validate the contract and pay the deposit, you will have 7 days to upload the following documentation to your user area:

• A photocopy of the identification document: ID / Passport.

• In the case of minor residents, a photocopy of the identification document of the father and mother or guardian.

• A passport-size photograph (in pdf, jpg, white background and a maximum of 2Mb).

• The SEPA direct debit form completed and signed.

* Before July 22 you must be enrolled at the University of Seville, otherwise your place at the residence hall will be cancelled. To recover your deposit for not having entered the university, you will have to present a receipt before July 22.