Welcome to Sant Jordi Residence Hall

The moments has finally arrived for you to spend your time studying what you really enjoy and what you want to be professionally in the future. If you decide to come and live in Tarragona, in the Sant Jordi Residence Hall, you can reach these goals while you carry out your degree studies.

You wont waste time travelling, as the residence hall is located in the centre of Tarragona itself, a few minutes from the main faculties of Rovira i Virgili University (URV) and close to the beaches.

The residence hall has different types of rooms, all of which exterior, with their own study area, WiFi, etc., as well as modern facilities which enable you to manage your study time and free time however you like.

A space for living and studying at your own pace. Enjoy the freedom of a residence hall, open 24 hours a day, all year round.


Collaboration agreements

Sant Jordi Residence Hall is attached to the Rovira i Virgili University (URV) and its doors are open to the entire university community.

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Welcome to Tarragona

Tarragona is the city of Castells (castles) which preserves the architectural legacy of the old Roman city of Tarraco. Its archaeological remains have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Stroll along the walls that surrounded the old historical quarter and be transported to Roman times by its amphitheatre where gladiators combated wild animals, be fascinated by the Roman aqueduct of Diablo bridge, enjoy the sea with its 19 km of Mediterranean coast, have fun at Port Aventura park, see one of the most deeply rooted traditions and participate in a Castellers (human castles) exhibition, or enjoy a calçotada (Catalan dish of soft spring onions) with friends and taste one of the most typical dishes from the area which is calçots (spring onions) with romesco sauce.

Get the most out of the years you will spend in this magnificent city, filled with great opportunities for you to cultivate your academic and working future.

Sant Jordi Residence Hall

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