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2022/23 academic year



Girls 49%

Boys 51%

Average Age

Top countries

  1. Spain
  2. China
  3. Colombia
  4. Mexico
  5. Others

Top provinces

  1. International residents
  2. Lleida
  3. Barcelona
  4. Tarragona
  5. Others

Top universities

  1. Universitat Politécnica de Cataluña
  2. ESCAC Film School
  3. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
  4. Others

Top degrees

  1. Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering
  2. Aerospace Engineering
  3. Aerospace Vehicle Engineering
  4. Optics and Optometry
  5. Film and Media

Our residents’ opinions.

Resa was a great choice I never thought I would enjoy it so much  

Alex Rossello

What I like the most about Resa are the facilities it provides for studying, as well s the amount of social activities. It also enables me to be close to my friends during exam time and in my free time

Pol Alonso

We are here to help you.


Marta Turu

Residence Manager

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