Damià Bonet Residence Hall Canteen

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential to do well in your studies. For this reason, Damià Bonet Residence Hall offers varied menus so you don’t miss home cooking. 

The canteen is open from Sunday afternoon until friday at lunchtime (except university holidays) and offers half or full board. You can enjoy varied and healthy menus.

If you want to know more about the meals and the weekly menu, contact the residence.

The canteen, meeting point

As the saying goes, anything is a valid excuse to sit down at the table. At Damià Bonet Residence Hall, we believe that the canteen is the meeting point for our residents, where they make life-long friendships.

A place where you will get to know your fellow students and make new friends. A place to enjoy good food, in good company. You will find all of this, and more, at our canteen.

We are at your service

At Damià Bonet Residence Hall we are at your service. So, if you have any kind of food intolerance, please get in touch so that we can adjust to meet your needs.