Colegio Mayor La Concepción Residence Hall Rooms

The best thing about our residence hall is undoubtedly its custom-designed studios. We have a large variety of rooms to choose from, to make you feel right at home.

All of our studios are exterior, fully-furnished and climate controlled, with private bathroom and free WiFi.

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  • Single studio

    From 835 €

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  • Double Studio

    From 640 €

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  • Double studio with two bathrooms

    From 725 €

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  • estudio individual resa valencia
  • individual cocina resa colegio mayor la concepcion
  • estudio individual resa la concepción
  • baño individual colegio mayor la concepción resa

Single studio

Enjoy a room just for you with maximum independence, privacy, and peace and quiet. Fully-furnished exterior studio, with private bathroom, personal computer connection and telephone extension.

Bathroom fully equipped
Free WiFi and/or cable internet!
Single bed
Spacious desk
Wardrobe with room
Climate control: hot-cold
  • estudio doble dos camas concepción
  • estudio doble cocina resa valencia
  • estudio doble residencia universitaria La Concepción
  • comedor habitación doble resa la concepción
  • baño resa la concepción valencia

Double Studio

The perfect space to share with your new best friend, it doesn't matter if you already know each other or if you prefer to be introduced. Exterior, fully-furnished studio with fully-equipped kitchen for 2 and bathroom.

2 Single beds
Bathroom fully equipped
2 desks
2 Wardrobes with room
Free WiFi and/or cable internet!
Climate control: hot-cold
  • estudio doble resa la concepción
  • habitación doble residencia valencia
  • estudio doble resa colegio mayor la concepción
  • baño habitación doble resa valencia

Double studio with two bathrooms

The ideal solution for sharing a room without giving up your privacy. Spacious studio with separate areas, private bathroom for each resident and shared kitchen.


2 Single beds
2 desks
2 Wardrobes with room
Free WiFi and/or cable internet!
Climate control: hot-cold
Kitchenette for 2
2 Bathrooms fully equipped

You study, we’ll cook

If you are on the go all day long and don’t have the time to cook, you have chosen the right residence hall. The canteen-cafeteria of the C.M. La Concepción Residence Hall serves breakfast, lunch and dinner for residents, the university community and general public all year round.

And for snacks between meals you have the vending service (vending machines with food and drink).

The basic price of the C.M. La Concepción Residence Hall includes half-board service from Monday (breakfast) to Friday (lunch) with the ability to opt for full-board.

If you want to find out more about meals, prices and the weekly menu, please contact the residence hall for further information.

We are at your service

Enjoy unique moments and unforgettable experiences.

We have custom-designed services and activities so that you can share unique experiences with your fellow students and feel right at home.

Play a game on the videoconsole in the recreation room, watch your favourite movie in the TV room or disconnect from your studies by exercising in the gym. You decide when and how to enjoy yourself.

Available services at Colegio Mayor La Concepción Residence Hall

Unlimited access to common areas
Leisure, sports, cultural activities, etc.
Attention, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Changing of bed linen and towels
Dining room
WiFi in common areas and rooms
Cyber Corner with internet and printer
Adapted rooms.
Self-service laundry with washers and dryers
Cleaning of rooms and common areas
Free bicycle parking
Lending of laptops, irons, etc.
Maintenance service
Vending service (vending machines with food and drink)

Communal areas

Fitness room
Study rooms
Recreation rooms
Outdoor terrace

We have everything, the only thing missing is you!