Admitted students’ list for the 2021/22 academic year

Please, check the next list. See you in September ;-)!

Admitted students 21/22

Waiting list

(updated on July 28 2021)

What next?

After the admissions list publication date, if you have been admitted to the residence hall, we will send you your accommodation contract. We will reserve your place for seven calendar days after sending said contract, to ensure that you don’t lose it.

If within these seven days you decide to confirm your place, you must complete the contracting process in your user area:

– Provide bank details to set up direct debit for payments.

– Accept the accommodation contract

-Make the deposit payment.Once said seven-day period is complete, if you have not completed the contracting process successfully, the place will no longer be reserved for you.

If you wish to continue with the process, you must follow the indications found in your user area or the informative emails you will receive when the period ends.